Saratoga Springs

2009 International Conference on Advances in Mathematics, Computational Methods, and Reactor Physics

May 3-7, 2009
Saratoga Springs, New York
The Saratoga Hilton Hotel

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Summary Guidelines
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Electronic Summary/Paper Submission and Review

Authors submitting 1500 word summaries may choose (but are not required) to use the full paper template. Any suitable, well organized, format for the summary is acceptable.

Summary Guidelines

The initial submission to the conference is a 1500 word summary. This summary is in essence a proposal to write a full paper for the conference. It will be examined by a team of reviewers. There will be four possible outcomes of the review: 'accept', 'accept with revisions', 'reject unless revised', or 'reject'.

  • If the result is 'accept, then the authors will be permitted to write a full (approximately ten page) paper on the research described in the summary.
  • If the result is 'accepted with revisions', then authors will likewise be permitted to write a full paper. In addition, the reviewers will also offer suggestions for improvement. While the authors are strongly encouraged to heed these suggestions, the full paper will be accepted even if the suggestions are ignored.
  • If the results is 'rejected unless revised' , then the reviewers will identify problem areas in the summary. The authors will then have the option of submitting a full paper for an additional review. Only if the full paper adequately addresses the reviewers' concerns will it then be included in the conference proceedings.
  • If the result is 'rejected, then the authors will not be permitted to submit a full paper on the topic.

In the case of a 'rejected unless revised' or 'rejected' decision, the authors will have the opportunity to protest the reviews decision with the Technical Program Committee chairs.

To maximize the likelihood of a favorable review, the summary should contain enough information to enable reviewers to make an informed decision. The summary may simply be a much abbreviated version of the full paper, or it may also contain a description of what will be included in the full paper. In either case, results should generally be provided.

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