ANS - Northeastern Section Meeting

Wed, Feb 28, 2018, 5:30 pm, at UML (click for Directions)   [see Map of UML Campus]
                 * You can Register here to attend the meeting *
If you have any questions contact
Jerry Balayan:


Topic: Four Multi-School Teams will complete in a Jeopardy Style Quiz Show
                • Categories and questions will all be nuclear related
                • Financial Award for winning team members
* Please note there is a Meeting Flysheet available for posting on BBs

The meeting will be held at the UML campus, in Lowell MA
Meeting Location: SAAB UML Emerging Technology and Innovations Facility (ETIC) [see map]
The ETIC is located on the corner of University Ave. and VFW Parkway on North Campus; 40 University Ave., Building 1, see UML map

Parking: A limited number of parking spaces are available in the Cumnock Parking lot which is identified as P1 on the UML map. (Enter via University Ave.; 2nd driveway on right when you come over the bridge). This lot has an attendant until 5:00 pm. If the attendant is them identify yourself as an ANS Meeting attendee.

Additional parking is available in the Riverside Lot which is identified as P7 on the UML map.

Please register early for discounted rates.
Send questions and reservation changes to Jerry Balayan:

Meeting Fees
(Payable at Meeting - Dinner Included)
  Members: $35.00*
  Students: $15.00*
  Spouse: $35.00*
  Non-members: $45.00*
  Membership Dues (2017-18 Season): ($20.00 good through 8/2018)
*$5.00 discount for early registration (Before Noon on 2/23/2018) 


  5:30 pm: Registration/Social Hour
  6:15 pm: Food Service
  6:30 pm: Presentation/Tour
  8:30 pm: Adjourn

No Show Advisory: 
We are charged according to the head-count provided prior to the meeting, no-shows hurt ANS/NE financially. If you need to cancel after signing up, please give us notice before noon on the last business day before the meeting.  Please note if you make reservations and don't show up, we will end up paying for your dinner. If your plans change, please let us know ahead of time, otherwise, we will be asking you for the full payment. For cancellations or changes, please contact Jerry Balayan:


Meeting Schedule