American Nuclear Society - Nevada Local Section



ANS-NV Revitalization activities:

  • We received advice from ANS HQ and the Local Sections Committee and the Idaho, San Diego, and Chicago local sections on activities that work for local sections.
  • We held a revitalization meeting on Oct 8 with existing officers and others who are interested in revitalization, participants: Chair Steven Curtis, Treasurer David Stahl, At Large ExComm Dayton Wittke, and UNLV Profs. Denis Beller and Alexander Barzilov.
  • 2012 ballots were distributed for election of a new Executive Committee, Officers and At Large members were elected (see Election Results).
  • Projected upcoming meetings (Steve Curtis is Chair of our Program Committee):
    • NSTec President Raymond Juzaitis (tentative mid-Feb near UNLV)
    • ANS President Michael Corradini (tentative Mar 15 in N. Las Vegas near Losee Rd)
  • We awarded a one-year scholarship to Jessica Hartman, a UNLV ME Senior who intends to complete the Master of Science in Materials & Nuclear Engineering Program here at UNLV, with a longer-term goal of a nuclear engineering doctorate.
  • A Nuclear Science Merit Badge workshop was held for the Boy Scouts on November 17th in conjunction with the UNLV Student Section of the ANS. We have helped more than 300 Scouts earn the Badge, and this was the 11th workshop we have sponsored (twice per year). The spring workshop will be May 4th, and as always, members of the ANS UNLV Student Section conduct the classes and organize the program.
  • GreenPower Program: We have been invited to create education packages for the Nevada Green Box program. The green boxes contain lesson plans, projects, handouts, and other materials and are loaned to K-12 teachers to support their efforts. In addition to creating the green boxes, we plan to visit schools to introduce things nuclear and get their projects started. Dr. Barzilov will lead this activity and coordinate materials with ANS HQ, other sources of nuclear education materials and information, and with others in Nevada.