Executive Committee

Robert (Bob) Eble

Outreach/Education Chair

Rebecca Rice

Membership Chair

Kevin O'Kula

Programs Chair

Phil Cupp

Publications Chair

Kiah Griffith and Graham Jones

Young Members Co-Chairs

Tim McKinsey

Arrangements Chair

Officers 2019-20

Amanda Bryson


William Wabbersen

Vice Chair

Sidney Keener


Tracy Stover



Staff Administrator 
Diane Shelton

Past Chairs

Chip Lagdon (2018-19)
Tinh Tran (2017-2018)
Karen Bobkowski (2016-2017)
Chuan Wu (2015-2016)
T.J. Corder (2014-2015)

Retiree Liaisons
Mel Buckner and Holly Watson

Vogtle & NAYGN
T.J. Corder

CNTA Liaison
Chuan Wu

TOFE 2020
Greg Staack

Augusta University

Standard Bylaws & Rules for Savannah River Section Section