Our Vision:

  • Develop the Piedmont Local ANS Section to be one of the most active Sections within National ANS
  • Develop a network of persons in the nuclear industry, particularly in the Piedmont region, and seek contacts with others in related industries, such as the medical physics community in Charlotte and those in related nuclear technology fields
  • Grow the ANS Chapter such that the Piedmont Section can host a major ANS Conference and/or Topical Meeting
  • Work with Charlotte Community in Education Outreach. Based on ANS provided or augmented educational material
  • Serve as a resource for media and educational institutions for expertise on nuclear energy and technology.
  • Work with other Chapters of ANS in North and South Carolina and provide venue to those in the region who are not served by a local chapter.
  • Work cooperatively with regional groups and organizations involved in energy production and use.
  • Encourage and work with members to join and run for National ANS Committees offices. Develop leaders that will go onto National ANS office