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David Besse NPP-2-thumbOhio’s second nuclear power station to be ordered was Davis-Besse; this single unit 900 MWe nuclear plant is located in Oak Harbor Ohio on a nearly 1000 acre site on the shore of Lake Erie, and has been in operation since 1977.

In 1968, Toledo Edison ordered a single Babcock & Wilcox NSSS (nuclear steam supply system) for this site; in 1973, it ordered two more from the same manufacturer.  However, construction of these two additional units was never begun and they were officially cancelled in 1981, leaving Davis-Besse as a single-unit nuclear power plant site.

The construction permit for Davis-Besse was issued in 1971; Bechtel Corporation was hired to design the overall power plant, which was completed and given its operating license six years later in 1977.  The plant was declared to be in commercial operation in July 1978, and today provides 40 percent of the electric power used in northwestern Ohio.

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