Chicago Local Section of the American Nuclear Society

ANS Chicago is an incorporated local section of the National American Nuclear Society with membership covering the greater Chicagoland area including parts of Indiana in ZIP Codes: 46300-46699, 60000-60899, 61000-61199, 61300-61399. We do not currently collect dues and do not require National ANS membership (although that is strongly encouraged).

Our Mission

  • To encourage the public understanding of nuclear science and engineering;
  • To foster closer professional and personal relations among the members;
  • To cooperate with other scientific and professional groups having similar objectives;
  • To engage in such other activities as may be appropriate for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Society; and
  • To stimulate membership growth and participation by encouraging the creation of Branches at locations within the Section assigned area.

About ANS

ANS is made of people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the benefits of nuclear science and technology, whether they are nuclear professionals or not. The Chicago local section serves a large area and we focus on having technical dinner meetings to enrich the professional development of those in the field and to foster networks that may not otherwise occur. We hosted ANS NURETH-16 in 2015 and the ANS National meeting in 2012.

We pride ourselves on our public information and community outreach, which we’ve been active annually in science fair judging for over 25 years, hosting a Girl Scouts nuclear workshop for over 7 years and supporting and attending various STEM fairs or school presentations for over a decade.  We’re always looking for new people to join who want to get involved to any degree. Membership for ANS Chicago is free, although membership with ANS National is strongly encouraged. Come to a meeting and see how you like it!