American Nuclear Society (ANS)

French Local Section of the ANS
Section Française de l'ANS

French Nuclear Society
Société Française de l'Energie Nucléaire (SFEN)


The French Section of the American Nuclear Society (SFANS) is a learned Society, the statutory mission of which is to promote cooperation between France and the United States in the field of peaceful nuclear energy.





ANS President MacFarlane's visit to France and SFANS' General Assembly

Following the tradition, the ANS French Section (SFANS) has invited the ANS President Harold Mac Farlane to its General Assembly held on September 25, 2006 at the Club France-Amériques in Paris. On this occasion, he gave a presentation on “A New US Nuclear Energy Lanscape” to a large audience including in particular this year, many young nuclear engineers as well as senior executives from French nuclear research and industry, international agencies, and ministries.

During his visit to France, President Mac Farlane had several meetings in particular with the French Section Board and with AREVA senior executives. With the French Section Board, President Mac Farlane reviewed the ongoing relationship between the ANS and the French Section and discussed how to enhance the international role of the Society in the framework of the current ANS Strategic Planning process.

In addition to these meetings, a one day technical tour was scheduled to CEA/Cadarache Research Center, highlighting nuclear fuel development with the lab scale fuel fabrication facility GAIA, the LEFCA (Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Fabrication de Combustibles Avancés) and the MASURCA (MAquette SURgénérateur de CAdarache) critical facility.


As part of the International SFANS Student Exchange Program, Aurelia Estève, Alice Soulié and Damien Lebrun- Grandi (not on the photo) have been sponsored for their three-month internships at Idaho National Laboratory during the summer 2008.



The new French Section Board in Paris
Front to back : President Burchill, Dominique Greneche(Chair), Rosine Couchoud, Michel Debès, France Bres-Tutino, Alain Kavenoky, Jean Claude Gauthier (Vice Chair) ,Jean Claude Yazidjian (Secretary); Jacques de la Ferté

2008 Technical Tour in France for US Engineering Professors

Following six successful technical tours of French nuclear facilities organised by the French section for US nuclear engineering professors, the seventh took place from July 6 to 12 under the leadership of Dominique Grenèche :  the French Section Chair, and an AREVA member – in connection with his American counterpart Brian Hajek from Ohio State University. Twelve professors from eleven different universities took part in this intensive program including special nuclear visits across the country.

This extensive tour included main French nuclear R and D centres, MOX fuel fabrication plant, hot labs for research on advanced fuel cycles, large component fabrication facilities, and steam generators, as well as two major sites devoted to research and operation of radioactive waste management activities. The sites of the La Hague reprocessing plant and that of Flamanville, where the first French EPR is under construction were also visited.


The US Professors at La Hague - From left to right: Mitty Plummer (University of North Texas), Jeff King (Missouri University of Science &Technology), the AREVA guide, Man-Sung Yim (North Carolina State University), David Boyle (Texas A&M University), Susan Sterett (Duke University), Michel Debès (EDF), Brian Hajek (Ohio State Unversity), William Wepfer (Georgia Tech University), Paul Murray (AREVA Inc.), Patrick Pinhero (University of Missouri Columbia), Travis Knight (University of South Carolina), Mary Lou Gougar ( Senior Consultant/Idaho State Unversity), Michael Lineberry (Idaho State University), Ron Gilgenbach (University of Michigan) & Dominique Grenêche (SFANS).


Information Meetings

During 2008, the French Section has been organising lectures and information meetings in order to allow the French public to become aware of major US nuclear projects and achievements .

The Counsellor for Nuclear Energy at the French Embassy in Washington D.C., Dr Jacques Figuet gave a presentation in May in Paris on “ The Nuclear Renaissance in the United States on the eve of  the new Presidency” which was attended by a large audience.


International Student Exchange Program

In the framework of the International Exchange Program (ISEP) sponsored by ANS, USDOE, and the French Section, two French students from the Ecole des Mines de Paris: Pierre Hanania and Aurélien Bernard have been selected to spend a three-month internship in Argonne National Laboratories.

Conversely, in the framework of specific exchanges with US universities, two American students benefited from an internship at AREVA, and the CEA will host during one year an American student from the University of Wisconsin.


ANS Nuclear Historic Landmark Award

Nominated by the French section, the AREVA Châlon / St Marcel plant received the prestigious nuclear historic ANS landmark award, with the following quote “AREVA  Châlon/ St Marcel has successfully demonstrated since 1975 its uninterrupted capacity to manufacture more than 500 high quality components for worldwide nuclear plants”.


ANS Fellow

Jacques Bouchard, Advisor to the Administrator General of the French Atomic Energy Commission, and Chair of the GIF/Generation IV international Forum, has been  elected in June 2008 ANS Fellow for “his outstanding leadership in designing France's new strategy for future nuclear energy systems,  which has deeply influenced the international GEN IV and GNEP initiatives. “ For outstanding contributions as Chair of the GEN IV international Forum, toward the sustainable development of nuclear energy worldwide, and for his essential contributions as President of the French Nuclear Society SFEN toward furthering the collaboration between the ANS and SFEN”.    

2008 SFANS Young Nuclear Engineer Award

The SFANS conducted an award selection among French PhD students working in nuclear research laboratories at AREVA, CEA, and EDF and interested in participating in ANS Topical or annual meetings to be held in the US.

The first Young Nuclear Engineer Award was presented to Johan Antunes who has just graduated, ranking first, from the French Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology. The second award was for Pierre Laghoutaris, a PhD student working at CEA Saclay Research Centre.

SFANS President Grenèche delivers the 2008 SFANS  Young Nuclear Engineer Award to Pierre LAGHOUTARIS.


International Student Exchange Programme

Three French students : Aurelia Estève and Alice Soulié from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and Damien Lebrun-Grandié from Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (National Engineering School of Physics) have been sponsored by the French Section for their three-month-internship at Idaho National Laboratory during summer or fall.



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