2019 – Gold Certificate – 50 years

In recognition of fifty years of continuous affiliation is awarded to French Local Section (SFANS) With sincere appreciation for valuable contribution during fifty years of continuous affiliation with the American Nuclear Society. The Section’s dedication and participation have enabled the Society to experience sound growth and to make notable progress toward the goals and objectives for which it was founded.


Presented to French Local Section of the American Nuclear Society (SFANS) for hosting a Tour de France of nuclear facilities in France for faculty from universities in the United States for over 20 years. These efforts have provided more than a hundred participants from universities in 26 different states the opportunity to see firsthand the French nuclear complex. These trips, whose fame is now widely established in academia in the United States, constitute the “flagship” of SFANS activities.

2013 Nuclear HIstoric Landmark

Atalante – For successf ully demonstrating since 1992 its uninterrupted capacity to perform intense and innovative research for the development of the nuclear f uel cycle worldwide. Designated as a Nuclear Historic Landmark, August 2013, by the
American Nuclear Society

2008 SFANS Young Nuclear Engineer Award

The SFANS conducted an award selection among French PhD students working in nuclear research laboratories at AREVA, CEA, and EDF and interested in participating in ANS Topical or annual meetings to be held in the US. The first Young Nuclear Engineer Award was presented to Johan Antunes who has just graduated, ranking first, from the French Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology. The second award was for Pierre Laghoutaris, a PhD student working at CEA Saclay Research Centre.