Trinity Section, American Nuclear Society

Past Section Events

Dinner meeting, 26 Apr 24
Speaker: Lisa Marshall (ANS 2023-2024 Vice President / President-Elect). (Topic: A Take on Human Capacity Building for the Nuclear Enterprise).

Dinner meeting, 20 Oct 23
Speaker: Will Tobey, Program Director, LANL Office of National Security and International Studies. (Topic: The Effects of the War in Ukraine on the Nuclear Security Enterprise.).

Dinner meeting, 12 May 23
Speaker: Steven A. Arndt, PhD, PE, President, American Nuclear Society 2022-23. (Topic: How ANS is advancing nuclear science and technology and how you can help.).

Dinner meeting, 30 Sep 22
Speaker: Jim Eckles, Public Affairs Office, White Sands Missile Range, Retired. (Topic: A Pocketful of Rockets; History and Stories Behind White Sands Missile Range).

Dinner meeting, 6 May 22
Speaker: Jess C. Gehin, PhD, Associate Laboratory Director, Nuclear Science & Technology Director, Idaho National Laboratory. (Topic: INL: Enabling Advanced Reactor Demonstrations and Deployment)

Virtual "dinner" meeting, 1 Mar 22
Speaker: Thomas Marcille, VP of Reactor Technologies, Holtec International. (Topic: Small Modular Reactors and the Changing Global Energy Landscape)

Dinner meeting, 19 Nov 21
Speaker: Lou Martinez Sancho, MS, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Kairos Power. (Topic: How a nuclear power startup's investment in Albuquerque will shape the future energy landscape)

Professional Tribute to Pete Lyons, 16 Nov 21
A panel discussion webinar, hosted on Zoom, to recognize Pete's myriad contributions in a variety of nuclear energy areas during his long and distinguished career. Follow the link for additional information and the recording of this webinar.

Virtual Nuclear Science Week events, 18-22 Oct 21
Carl Willis, our Public Information & Outreach committee chair, coordinated several Trinity Section virtual activities during this year's Nuclear Science Week. (see more information and our YouTube videos at the link)

Dinner meeting, 8 Oct 21
Speaker: Steve Nesbit, President, ANS. (Topic: The American Nuclear Society, Nuclear Policy, and Other Stuff)

Virtual meeting, 24 Aug 21
Lightning Talks #8. Three "lightning talks" via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual meeting, 13 Jul 21
Lightning Talks #7. Three "lightning talks" via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual meeting, 21 May 21
Science and risk communication panel discussion. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual meeting, 11 May 21
Lightning Talks #6. Three "lightning talks" via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual meeting, 23 Mar 21
Lightning Talks #5. Three "lightning talks" via Zoom. Special session featuring presentations by graduate students of the UNM Student Section. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual meeting, 23 Feb 21
Lightning Talks #4. Two "lightning talks" by our members via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at the link)

Virtual STEaM event, 20 Feb 21
Carl Willis, our Public Information & Outreach committee chair, presented a virtual demonstration on live X-ray imaging at a virtual STEaM event. (see more information and his YouTube video at the link)

Virtual Section meeting, 26 Jan 21
Speaker: Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, current ANS President, and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, Idaho State University. (Topic: Where is the Love? Why isn't Nuclear Power Embraced as THE Clean Energy Source?)

Virtual meeting, 12 Jan 21
Lightning Talks #3. Two "lightning talks" via Zoom. Special session dedicated to SMR and CFPP. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at link)

Virtual meeting, 24 Nov 20
Lightning Talks #2. Four "lightning talks" by our members via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at link)

Virtual meeting, 18 Sep 20
Four "lightning talks" by our members via Zoom. (Speakers and Topics: see more information at link)

Dinner meeting, 25 Oct 19
Speaker: Dr. James Paul Holloway, Professor of Nuclear Engineering, and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of New Mexico. (Topic: Education in a Multicentury Arc)

Dinner meeting, 21 May 19
Speaker: Thomas (Thom) Mason, PhD, Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and President and CEO, Triad National Security LLC. (Topic: Accelerators: Pushing particles to revolutionize science and medicine)

Dinner meeting, 1 Mar 19
Speaker: Susie Moseley, BS, RT(R); Education and Curriculum Coordinator, American Society of Radiologic Technologists, (Topic: Radiologic Technology: Discovering the Inside Story)

Dinner meeting, 30 Nov 18
Speaker: James (Ed) Garza, Assistant Manager for WIPP Operations, EM Carlsbad Field Office, DOE, (Topic: WIPP and a bright future)

Dinner meeting, 12 Oct 18
Speaker: Patrick R. McClure, Kilopower Team Lead, Los Alamos National Laboratory, (Topic: Kilopower-Powering a NASA Mission to Mars)

Dinner meeting, 27 Apr 18
Speaker: John E. Kelly, PhD, ANS Vice President / President-Elect, (Topic: Perspectives on the Future of Nuclear Power in the United States)

Dinner meeting, 1 Dec 17
Speaker: Stephen M. Younger, PhD, Laboratories Director, Sandia National Laboratories, (Topic: A Century of Arms Control: Lessons and Opportunities for the Future)

Dinner meeting, 29 Sep 17
Speaker: Bruce Carlsten, PhD, Laboratory Fellow, Engineering Sciences Directorate, Los Alamos National Laboratory, (Topic: Radiation Belt Remediation)

Dinner meeting, 5 May 17
Speaker: Robert Coward, ANS Vice President / President-Elect, (Topic: Nuclear Power Looking Forward: the Opportunity and the Implications)

Dinner meeting, 10 Mar 17
Speaker: David Stuhan, MS, CEM, Division Leader, Security and Emergency Operations Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, (Topic: WIPP Disaster Recovery and Restart: Emergency Management Improvements)

Dinner meeting, 21 Oct 16
Speaker: Mark D. DeHart, PhD, Deputy Director for Reactor Physics Modeling and Simulation, Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate, Idaho National Laboratory. (Topic: Coordination of Efforts Between Restart, Experimentation and Modeling for the Transient Test Reactor)

Quarterly meeting, 29 Apr 16
Speaker: Andrew C. Klein, PhD, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, and ANS Vice President / President-Elect. (Topic: Advanced Nuclear Technologies)

Quarterly meeting, 26 Feb 16
Speakers: Dr. Eva Birnbaum and Dr. David Mercer, Los Alamos National Laboratory. (Topic: Impact of Nuclear Medicine on Emergency Response, a pair of presentations from both the production side and the security screening side)

Quarterly meeting, 20 Nov 15
Speaker: Dianna S. Blair, PhD, Manager of Global Technical Engagement, Research and Analysis, Sandia National Laboratories. (Topic: Sandia National Laboratories' Contributions to the International Safeguards Regime)

Quarterly meeting, 11 Sep 15
Speaker: Christopher Morris, PhD, Threat Reduction Team, Subatomic Physics Group, Physics Division, LANL. (Topic: pRad - A New Way to See Inside of Exploding Things)

Pizza social, 16 Jun 15
Speaker: Dr. Ross Radel, President of Phoenix Nuclear Labs. (Topic: Accelerator-Based Neutron Generator to Drive Sub-Critical Medical Isotope Production System)

Quarterly meeting, 1 May 15
Speaker: Eugene S. Grecheck, ANS Vice President / President-Elect. (Topic: Challenges and Opportunities)

Quarterly meeting, 20 Feb 15
Speaker: Joetta M. Goda, Advanced Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation Division, LANL. (Topic: National Criticality Experiments Research Center (NCERC) Capabilities)

Quarterly meeting, 7 Nov 14
Speaker: Dr. Brian D. Boyer, International Safeguards Project Leader, Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation Division, LANL. (Topic: Gas Centrifuge Technology: Proliferation Concerns and International Safeguards)

Quarterly meeting, 12 Sep 14
Speaker: Alan Carr, LANL Historian. (Topic: The British Mission at Los Alamos)

Quarterly meeting, 6 May 14
Speaker: Dr. Michaele (Mikey) C. Brady Raap, ANS Vice President / President-Elect. (Topic: US DOE Laboratories and the Remediation of Fukushima Dai-Ichi)

Quarterly meeting, 21 Feb 14
Speaker: Dr. Donald T. Reed, LANL Actinide Chemistry and Repository Science Program, Carlsbad, NM. (Topic: Actinide Solubility and Speciation in the WIPP Transuranic Repository)

Quarterly meeting, 22 Nov 13
Speaker: Galya Balatsky, LANL. (Topic: Nuclear Industry Speaks Russian)

Quarterly meeting, 20 Sep 13
Speaker: Patrick R. McClure, LANL. (Topic: Design and Testing of Small Nuclear Reactors for Defense and Space Applications [winner of a 2013 R&D-100 award])

Special dinner meeting, 21 Aug 13
Speaker: Dr. John E. Kelley, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Reactor Technologies, Office of Nuclear Energy, DOE, and Chair, Generation IV International Forum. (Topic: Overview of the Nuclear Reactor Technologies Program and the Generation IV International Forum)

Quarterly meeting, 3 May 13
Speaker: Donald R. Hoffman, ANS Vice President / President-Elect and Founder, President and CEO of Excel Services Corporation. (Topic: ANS Vision, Small Modular Reactors, and other Nuclear Science and Technology Topics)

Quarterly meeting, 8 Feb 13
Speaker: Dr. John H. Matonic, Actinide Analytical Chemistry, LANL. (Topic: Radioisotope Heat Sources for Space Missions)

Quarterly meeting, 2 Nov 12
Speaker: Jack Jekowski, founding Principal Partner of Innovative Technology Partnerships, LLC (ITP), Albuquerque, NM. (Topic: Weathering the Perfect Storm: Implications of 2012 Events on the Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE))

Quarterly meeting, 14 Sep 12
Speaker: Dr. Thomas P. McLaughlin, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired). (Topic: Nuclear Criticality Accidents)

Quarterly meeting, 4 May 12
Speaker: Dr. Michael L. Corradini, ANS Vice President / President-Elect. (Topic: The Future of Nuclear Power after Fukushima)

Quarterly meeting, 24 Feb 12
Speaker: Charles Loeber, DOE and SNL (retired). (Topic: History of the Nuclear Weapons Complex: Highlights)

Quarterly meeting, 18 Nov 11
Speaker: Dr. Carol J. Burns, Chemistry Division Leader, LANL. (Topic: Nuclear Forensics: The Science and Role in Enhancing Global Security)

Quarterly meeting, 23 Sep 11
Speaker: Steven K. Klein, R&D Scientist, LANL. (Topic: Recent Advances at LANL in Production of 99Mo)

Quarterly meeting, 20 May 11
Speaker: Dr. Eric Loewen, ANS Vice President / President-Elect. (Topic: Is ALARA Reform Needed?)

Quarterly meeting, 25 Feb 11
Speaker: Richard E. Malenfant, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired). (Topic: Experiments with the Dragon Machine)

Quarterly meeting, 19 Nov 10
Speaker: Dr. Stephen M. Younger, President, National Security Technologies LLC. (Topic: Reducing the Nuclear Danger: Analyzing the Benefits and Challenges of a World Without Nuclear Weapons)

Quarterly meeting, 24 Sep 10
Speaker: Patrick McClure, Los Alamos National Laboratory. (Topic: Small Modular Reactors (SMRs))

Quarterly meeting, 14 May 10
Speaker: Joe Colvin, ANS Vice President / President-Elect (Topic: Nuclear Progress — Seizing the Opportunities)

Quarterly meeting, 12 Feb 10
Speaker: Jack Tuohy, Executive Director, American Nuclear Society (Topic: Challenges and Potential Solutions to the Procurement and Construction of New Nuclear Units in the US)

Quarterly meeting, 6 Nov 09
Speaker: Dr. Ed Parma, Sandia National Laboratories, (Topic: The Supply of Medical Radioisotope Tc-99m/Mo-99: Recent Shortages Call for Action in Developing a Domestic Production Capability)

Nuclear legacy roundtables, 10 Oct - 5 Dec 09
Speakers: five senior members of our nuclear community shared their personal stories of significant historical events and activities.

Quarterly meeting, 11 Sep 09
Speaker: Jim Walther, Director, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History (Topic: An Historical Overview of the Atomic Museum)

Quarterly meeting, 8 May 09
Speaker: Dr. Thomas L. Sanders, Manager, Global Nuclear Futures, Sandia National Laboratories, and ANS Vice President / President-Elect (Topic: State of Nuclear Energy in the World)

Quarterly meeting, 13 Feb 09
Speaker: Richard A. Van Horn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Uranium Resources, Inc. (Topic: The Uranium Industry)

Quarterly meeting, 14 Nov 08 (joint meeting with Southwest Regional Chapter, INMM)
Speaker: Harrison ("Jack") Schmitt, PhD, Astronaut and former US Senator, (Topic: Return to the Moon)

Quarterly meeting, 19 Sep 08
Speaker: William E. ("Bill") Burchill, PhD, ANS President (Topic: The US Nuclear Renaissance and the Challenges It Presents)

Quarterly meeting, 2 May 08
Speaker: John W. Lawrence, Esq., LES General Counsel (Topic: The National Enrichment Facility: First Steps Down the Road of the "Nuclear Renaissance")

Quarterly meeting, 14 Mar 08
Speaker: Pete Lyons, NRC, (Topic: The NRC in a "Nuclear Renaissance"), with special guest Jacques Repussard, Directeur général de l'Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), France