Trinity Section, American Nuclear Society


In the past, ANS Trinity Section was able to raise operating capital from membership dues and by hosting ANS meetings. With the advent of the "ANS Change Plan 2020" program by ANS National, both of those fundraising avenues are no longer available to us (Plan Summary, Full Plan). Under the Change Plan, a small percentage of the ANS National dues paid by each National member who designates Trinity Section as their Local Section will be returned to us in the Trinity Section toward our operating costs.

Our programmatic emphasis is still support of educational, student and outreach activities. However, the loss of further proceeds from hosting successful topical meetings will significantly impact our ability to fund those programs. Therefore, we have embarked on a fundraising campaign, with appropriate notification to ANS National, to raise additional funds to continue and expand our activities in these areas.

The principal expenditures of ANS Trinity Section are a small subsidy for our quarterly dinner meetings with technical speakers (especially for student attendees), our educational support to UNM ANS Student Section members for small scholarships and for their participation in technical meetings, and small expenses for our award-winning public information and outreach activities (including local, regional and state science fair awards).

ANS Trinity Section is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and is registered with the New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State (NMSCC 1370022 and search for "Trinity Section"). Donated funds may be treated as charitable deductions to the extent allowed by the IRS. An appropriate tax receipt will be provided to donors.

For calendar year 2023, the Section goal is to raise $3,000 to provide additional student assistance (small scholarships, assistance for participation in ANS student and professional meetings, and small subsidies for UNM ANS Student Section activities). If you would like to support our educational and outreach activities, there are several ways to donate:

Thank you in advance for your generous support to help the Section improve our educational and outreach programs.

- Nicholas W. Thompson, 2022-23 ANS Trinity Section Chair.