One of our major activities is the organization of monthly dinner meetings, which are held in different locations around the Bay Area.  These meetings attract mostly local professionals and upper managers from local nuclear-oriented companies and organizations, but sometimes national speakers, such as congressional members, and luminaries.  The ANS NorCal dinner meetings provide a forum for scientific and technical exchange concerning the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology.  We encourage any interested professionals, educators, or other members of the public to attend our regular meetings.

Next Meeting:

  Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Speaker:   Rachel Slaybaugh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, The University of California. Berkeley

Topic:  “Nuclear and Innovating in the Energy Industry”

Rachel Slaybaugh is an assistant professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. At Berkeley, Prof. Slaybaugh’s research program is based in computational methods and applied to existing and advanced nuclear reactors, nuclear non-proliferation and security, and shielding applications.

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