Past Meetings

Past ANS NorCal Section Dinner Meeting Speakers and Topics


Rachel Slaybaugh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department, Nuclear and Innovating in the Energy Industry, 9/16

Alireza Moharrer, P.E., Professional Project Manager, GSU transformer fires and reliability; A look at the importance of Generator Step-Up transformers, GSUs, 5/16

Dawn Banghart, CHP, Alternate Radiation Safety Officer/Senior Health Physicist, Stanford University, Doc will I glow in the dark? The Use of Radioisotopes in Cancer Therapy, 3/16

Howard Matis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Detecting Cosmic Rays with the Berkeley Lab Muon Detector, 1/16


Dr. Alexander Cannara, Cannara Consulting, Molten Salt and Thorium Nuclear Power (MSR / LFTR), 11/15

Jim Hopf, Nuclear Engineer, Contributing Author, ANS Nuclear Cafe, Towards a Level Playing Field – Nuclear Power and Government Policy, 10/15

Max Henrion, Lumina Decision Systems, Surprises and Black Swans in Energy Forecasts, Past and Future, 4/15

Craig Sawyer & Chuck Boardman, ABWR, ESBWR, and PRISM – Three Generations of General Electric Reactors, 3/15

Bobby Bakshi,  Operations Manager, Westinghouse San Jose – Current Projects and Operations, 2/15 

Kai Vetter, Professor in Residence, UC Berkeley, Berkeley Radwatch and Radiological Resilience, 1/15


Rachel Slaybaugh, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department, PyNE Collection of Nuclear Engineering Computational Tools, 10/14

Garrett Baltz, Undergraduate Student, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department, Westinghouse Intern Experience, 9/14

Susana Reyes, LLNL, Closing the Fusion Fuel Cycle: Tritium Recovery and Processing, 5/14

Karl van Bibber, Department Chair, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department, 4/14

Eric L. Harvey, Senior Engineer, ERIN Engineering, Nuclear Power Advocacy in California, 2/14

Ian Thompson, Nuclear Physicist, LLNL, The Halo at the Center of the Atom, 1/14


Dan Bowermaster, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Electric Transportation: Power Delivery and Utilization, 11/13

Thomas Carter, Westinghouse Overview and AP1000® Plant Projects Update, 10/13

Sylvain Costes, LBNL, Breast Tissue DNA Repair After Exposure to Ionizing Radiation, 5/13

Adam Bernstein, LLNL, Applied Antineutrino Physics: “The Near-Field and the Far-Field,” 4/13

Michael Corradini, ANS President, America’s Energy Challenge: Why the U.S. Needs Nuclear Power, 3/13

Alireza Moharrer, ANS NORCAL Section Member, Utilization of Solar Energy in the United States, 2/13

Gwyneth Cravens, Author of: “The Power to Save the World.  The Truth about Nuclear Energy,” Getting Past “Us versus Them,” 1/13


Bruce Buchholz, LLNL, Exploiting the Carbon-14 Bomb-Pulse with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, 12/12

Susana Reyes, LLNL, The LIFE Project, 11/12

Pete Miller, DOE Assist. Secretary for Nuclear Energy (2010-2012), The Federal Govt. and Nuclear Power, 10/12

Kenji Tateiwa, TEPCO, Fukushima Experiences, 7/12

Bryce Johnson, ANS NorCal Member, Limits on CO2-induced Global Warming, 5/12

Eric Loewen, ANS President, PRISM Liquid Sodium Reactor, 4/12

Marjorie Shapiro, UC Berkeley, The Search for the Higgs Boson, 3/12

Gayle Sugiyama, LLNL, NARAC Response to Fukushima, 2/12

Carolyn Wang, Combined meeting with Health Physics Society, Fukushima, 1/12


Jay Zucca, LLNL, Current issues in nonproliferation and arms control, 12/11

Susan Fry, Bay Delta Office Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Bay Delta Water, 11/11

Siegfried Hecker, Stanford University, North Korean nuclear weapons program, 10/11

Mark Bandstra, UCB Nuclear Engineering, Fukushima fallout monitoring at UCB, 9/11

Group discussion on nuclear energy outreach, 5/11

Lynn Walls, Retired Director of Public Affairs for GE, Wind Energy, 4/11

Joe Colvin, ANS National President, 3/11

Jim Blink, LLNL, Yucca Mountain, 2/11

Les Jardine, L.J. Jardine Services, The Russian Nuclear Power Renaissance, 1/11


Roger Aines, LLNL, Carbon Sequestration, 12/10

David Dearborn, LLNL, Deflection of near-earth asteroids, 11/10

Robert Hamm, R&M Technical Enterprises, Industrial Uses of Accelerators, 10/10

Tsahi Gozani, Rapiscan Systems, Neutron-based Inspection Technologies, 9/10

John Hutson, Fresno Nuclear Group, 5/10

Thuy Le, San Jose State Univ., Nuclear Power in Vietnam, 4/10

A.J. Simon, LLNL, Energy Systems Modeling, 3/10

Tom Sanders, ANS President, Nuclear Energy in the World, 2/10

John Conway, PG&E Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Energy Plans at PG&E, 1/10


David Corporandi, DOE Livermore Site Office, DOE Nuclear Energy Plans, 12/09

Joel Swanson, LLNL, DOE Radiological Emergency Response, 11/09

Grant Logan, LBL, Heavy Ion Fusion, 10/09

Joe Somsel, Toshiba/Westinghouse, ABWR Program, 9/09

Ed Sayre, Engineering Consultant, The value of spent nuclear fuel, 5/09

Chuck DeVore, California State Assemblyman, Nuclear Power in California, 4/09

Jane Long, LLNL, Global Energy and Climate Change, 3/09

Kevin Gahagan, Mosaic Financial Partners, Financial lessons from 2008, 2/09

Jeff Latkowsky, LLNL, The LIFE (Laser Inertial Fusion Energy) Project, 1/09


Bob Yamamoto, LLNL, Solid State Heat Capacity Laser, 12/08

Dan Chivers, LBL, Nuclear Threats and Homeland Security, 11/08

Terry Oldberg, Consultant, Information Theory: Maximizing Knowledge, 10/08

Chris Nelder, Author and consultant, Peak Oil, 9/08