Kai Vetter 1/15

Dr. Kai Vetter, Professor in Residence, UC Berkeley, Berkeley Radwatch and Radiological Resilience, 1/15


Topic:  Berkeley Radwatch and Radiological Resilience

The recent events at the Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, have highlighted the need to enhance the resilience to radiological and nuclear events. The incidence and the associated large releases of radioactive materials had and still have an enormous societal and economical impact in Japan and globally. Although no casualties and health effects have been and likely will be attributable directly to radiation, these events have manifold and substantial impact on local communities and have provoked ongoing anxiety and concerns globally.

I will present our Berkeley Radwatch project which was initiated in March 2011 and our activities and plans to address the complex and multi-dimensional challenge to enhance radiological resilience locally and globally.