The Northeastern Section serves the nuclear community in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont with the primary constituency being in the greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts area. The Northeastern Section's mission is to provide a forum for the professional and public exchange of information regarding nuclear related science and engineering topics, and for the development of the individuals and organizations involved in such endeavors.

In accomplishing this mission, the NE Section provides timely information on nuclear topics at its meetings and at this web site. The American Nuclear Society and the NE Section strive to advance the understanding of nuclear related science and engineering topics within the nuclear profession and the interested public.

Local HPS Section Agreement    ANS-CT Section Agreement
  • Training and Education

    The Northeastern Section of ANS is willing to provide training and education in nuclear reactors, physics, radiation protection etc.

  • Local Student Support

    Students are encouraged to contact us for information on forming their own Student branch, on job opportunities, etc...

  • Strategic Communications

    If you want The ANS Northeastern Section to help you write an effective media piece on Nuclear Power, please contact us.

  • Science Fairs, Career Days,...

    Contact us if you are looking for judges for science fairs, support for career days, information for science teachers on specific nuclear topics, etc.

Meeting Schedule (Register)

  • Nuclear Career Opportunities
    University of Rhode Island
    (Flysheet for posting)

    9/17/2014, 3:30 pm, @ URI


  • * * Future Meetings * *

  • Nuclear Career Opportunities
    UMass Lowell

    9/30/2014, 5:30 pm, @ UML

  • MC (Mikey) Brady Rapp, ANS President
    Topic TBA

    10/23/2014, 5:30 pm


  • Innovative plant designs (MIT startups - Transatomic power and UPower)
    To be Finalized

    12/02/2014, 5:30 pm


  • Site VP Pilgrim or Seabrook
    To be Finalized

    01/28/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Nuclear Security, Dr. Sukesh Aghara
    To be Finalized

    02/25/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Mass DOE Representative
    To be Finalized

    03/18/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Educational roadmap for a future generation of nuclear professionals (Panel: MIT/UML/WPI/URI)
    To be Finalized

    04/15/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Advancements in Nuclear Medicine
    To be Finalized

    05/13/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Decommissioning Programs (Szymczak)
    To be Finalized

    06/17/2015, 5:30 pm


  • Health Physics Society
    New England Section
    Attend Meetings under Special Agreement with ANS-NE
    (Click here for Meetings Schedule and Info)

  • ANS CT Section
    Attend Meetings under Special Agreement with ANS-NE
    (Click here for Meetings Schedule and Info)


ANS Member: Steven Stamm
Chaired 2 paper sessions, June 2012
 - Post Fukushima Lessons Learned
 - Solving the Spent Fuel Dilemma

ANS Member: Steven Stamm
Won OPD best session award, for the November  2011 ANS meeting