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The ANS Northeastern Section serves the nuclear community in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont with the primary constituency being in the greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts area. The Northeastern Section’s mission is to provide a forum for the professional and public exchange of information regarding nuclear related science and engineering topics, and for the development of the individuals and organizations involved in such endeavors.

In accomplishing this mission, the NE Section provides timely information on nuclear topics at its meetings and at this web site. The American Nuclear Society and the NE Section strive to advance the understanding of nuclear related science and engineering topics within the nuclear profession and the interested public.

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2022-23 Meeting Plan (preliminary):  Register for Upcoming Meeting:

2022-23 Program Schedule is under development and will be updated as developed

  • 07/25/2022 – Science writer Jim Conca (via Holtec Pilgrim) presentation on options for the temporary and permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel
  • 09/20/2022 – Senator Mike Barrett. Assistant Majority Leader, Massachusetts’s Climate Bill and What’s Next?
  • 10/xx/2022 – (Tentative) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy
  • 11/xx/2022 –  TBD : Student Presentations on their College Nuclear Programs and Areas of Interest
  • 02/xx/2023 –  TBD
  • 03/xx/2023 – TBD.
  • 04/xx/2023 – TBD
  • 05/xx/2023 –  

Training and Education

The Northeastern Section of ANS is willing to provide presentations, demonstrations and literature to students or teachers covering nuclear reactors, physics, radiation and protection.

Contact us if you would like ANS-NE to help establish and maintain a nuclear educational interface with your local schools.

Members: click here to volunteer to interface with your local high school 


Science Fairs and Career Days

      10/10/2019 – Presentation at Burlington, MA  DOWNLOAD

Contact us if you are looking for judges for science fairs, support for career days, information for science teachers on specific nuclear topics, etc.


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