Presentations and Papers


Advancements in Nuclear
Ben Holtzman

TerraPower’s Natrium Demonstration Project and Safety Analysis
Jun Wang

Radiation Protection in Homeland Security
Jeffrey Semancik

Sources of Cost Overrun in Nuclear Power Plant Construction – Call for a New Approach to Engineering Design
Magdalena Klemun

Buckling Capacity of Nuclear Fuel Rods
Ricardo Medina

Student Panel: ANS at MIT
Abtin Ameri

Student Panel: ANS at UMass Lowell
Benjamin McNeely

Student Panel: ANS at URI
Miguel Alessandro Lopez

Student Panel: ANS at WPI
Norbert Hugger

Consent-Based Siting: Strides of Progress on Spent Nuclear Fuel
Sam Brinton

Linear non-threshold (LNT) fails numerous toxicological stress tests:
Implications for continued policy use
Edward J. Calabrese

What Happened to Our Nuclear Waste Disposal Program?
Dr. James Conca

Update from Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar – President American Nuclear Society

Call for Action: SNF Storage & Disposal in the US
Katrina McMurrian

How is the Impact of Energy Policy on Energy Reliability Analyzed?
Joanne Morin

The following paper is provided in support of the July ANSNE meeting on low dose radiation. Click on title link:

Ethical Issues in the US 1956 National Academy of Sciences
BEAR I Genetics Panel Report to the Public
Edward J. Calabrese1 and James Giordano2




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