Presentations and Papers

Copies of presentations and/or papers presented at the Northeastern Section meetings are collected here and may be downloaded by members. There are primarily in PDF or PPT format, as provided by the presenter in each case.

VY Decommissioning, Cory Daniels, Northstar

November 16, 20-21 /  Download

ANS President Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar Presents Strategic Changes for ANS; and Nuclear , It’s Criminalization and LNT  

:March 23, 2021 /  Download

Centrifugal Nuclear Thermal Rocket Propulsion System, Dr. Michael Houts, NASA

February 16, 2021 /  Download:

DRAFT_Fusion_and_Plasmas_Report – 2020

2020 /  Download:

Call for Action: SNF Storage & Disposal in the US

January 19, 2021 /  Download:

Energy Systems of the Future (Southern Company)  

November 17, 2020 /  Download: 

Historical Foundations and Impacts of the Linear Non-Threshold Dose Response Model for Cancer Risk Assessment

October 20, 2020/  Download

  • Paper 1: CBI-Calabrese-LNT  Download  
  • Paper 2: Muller-Neel History-Published Version  Download  

Summary of the 2018 Massachusetts Comprehensive Energy Plan  

May 21, 2020/  Download  

Pilgrim Decommissioning Overview  

March 24, 2020/  Download  

ANS Update – M. Kray, President  

February 27, 2020/  Download  

Improving reactor safety and economics to meet energy and climate needs 

January 23, 2020/  Download  

Yes Nuclear  can be Bold and Innovate- Joe Donahue

April 25, 2019/ Download

NEI National Nuclear Energy Strategy- John Kotek

March 28, 2019 / Download

 Brian Campbell’s Presentation at Seabrook NRC Meeting

    February 20, 2019 / View Video

 HL Waste Transportation 

Uldis Vanags, February 21, 2019 / Download PDF

   Advanced Reactors Research at MIT-NRL

 Lin-wen Hu, January 31, 2019 / Download PDF

DOE Nuclear Overview/ Make Nuclear Cool Again

 Bradley Williams, October 18, 2018 / Download PDF

 NuScale SMR

 NuScale, Chris Colbert, May 17, 2018 / Download PDF

Performance-Based Standard for Fire Protection for Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants

 Engineering Planning and Management, Inc., Tue Jan 23, 2018 / Download PDF

 Advances in Risk-based Design

 Mark Allen Linn ORNL, Tue Nov 21, 2017 / Download PDF

 The Social and Economic Impacts of Nuclear Power Plant Closures

 Jennifer Stromsten, Institute for Nuclear Host Communities, October, 18 2017 / Download PDF

Overview of Advances in Stem Cell Research

    Ann Kiessling, Ph.D., Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation, June 6 2017 / Download PDF

A Secure Global Supply of Mo-99 and Tc-99m

 Ira N. Goldman, Lantheus Medical Imaging, May 17, 2017 / Download PDF

 Advancing Advanced Reactors

 Andrew C. Klein, PhD, PE(OR), ANS President, April 3, 2017 / Download PDF





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